This year, despite all the difficult conditions in the country, the generosity of our donor friends has allowed our action to continue in the Tharawan camp.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to open a new section in the camp school, allowing the children to continue their education in a higher class.  We now take care of 4 school levels.

Indeed, despite the undeniable academic success of the children who have been educated by our association, and despite their great motivation, it is often impossible for them to then join the public school system which does not wish to welcome these very disadvantaged refugee children within its walls.

Paradoxically, as public-school teachers are not always paid, we are now in a situation that has led some families in the region to ask us to welcome their children to our school, when they are not refugees.  Some children from local families have therefore been admitted to our classes, but the costs of their schooling are, in this case, paid for by their families.

A big thank you to: Laurence Bory, Lions Club Genève-Lac, Bettina Würm, Mathieu Carrière, Michael and Marie Steinbeis, Principality of Monaco and Sciences Po Paris in Menton, association A.I.M.E.R, Peter et Eszter Kun, and to private donors who wish to remain anonymous.  They allow many children to continue their education.