Working together with families is an absolute need

Raising parents’ awareness

Whether for sending children to school or for fighting against child marriage, nothing can change without the support of families. Often illiterate and repeating the same old traditional patterns, if we want things to change, they absolutely need to be informed and convinced.

My Future Yemen has thus set up workshops to inform mothers and fathers and raise their awareness of the damage caused by early marriages, as well as of the devastating psychological and physical effects they have on young girls.

To ensure that young girls are sent to school, parents also need to understand the importance of education in the fight against poverty. To this end, women teacher volunteers have gone to door to door in the poor neighbourhoods of Sana’a, in order to convince mothers of the importance of sending their daughters to school. These mothers, often illiterate, need their daughters for household chores or outside activities such as collecting plastic bottles, selling paper handkerchiefs or begging. Awareness workshops have been set up to convince them of the importance of sending their daughters to school.

The right to a decent life

By working with mothers and fathers, My Future Yemen wishes to fundamentally reduce domestic violence and help women and children to assert their right to a decent life.