Providing families with the best possible support

The ravages of war

Yemen is under embargo, civil servants no longer receive their pay, the banking system has totally broken down, there is virtually no electricity, and inflation is rampant. Even the price of petrol and gas, two of the country’s greatest assets, is rocketing. Famine is gaining ground and cholera is widespread throughout the country. In this apocalyptic context, although there is not very much we can do, we continue to distribute some staple foodstuffs – flour, sugar, oil – to families.

Supporting families

We also try to provide families, whose children attend school, with the best possible support.

In the temporary school set up in the Tharawan displaced persons camp, we wanted to combine education with food aid. Families of children regularly attending school receive food – flour, oil and sugar – once a month.

This aid is also a means of ensuring they continue to send their children to school and of improving their extremely precarious living conditions;